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You don't have any downloadable files. You will see your processed files or in progress files from current and previous sessions here.

About My Downloads page

This page will show you all the in progress and processed files in File Cards as shown on Image 1 and 2 (below). In progress files are files that PS2PDF is still processing and processed files are files that are completed. Progress bar with percentage completed will be shown on File Cards for in progress files. At the footer of each card contains some useful buttons which allows you to perform actions like download file.

More About File Cards
Completed file example

Image 2 - Completed file example

File Card footer buttons explanation
  1. Download button: This button will be enabled once PS2PDF completed your request to convert or compress a file. If you converted a PDF to JPG, clicking on this button will open up a Modal. YOu can use the download button on that modal to download individual image. If you compressed a file like a video, you can download that file by clicking on green Download button.
  2. Check Status button: This button allows you to manually check file progress status. IF for some reason file progress bar get stuck, you may use this button to manually trigger the status update.
  3. Re-edit button: This convenient feature lets you convert/compress/etc... the same file without uploading it. Press on it to display all the available options that you saw on file upload page.
  4. Play button: This button will show up if the output file is of type video, image or pdf. For image and pdf, icon will be a eye, instead of play button. You can click on this to view the actual file on the browser.
  5. Delete button: You can delete your files by clicking on Trash Can icon. This will delete the file from remote server and your local storage.
  1. Why my file download take so long?

    If you are located far away from the server that processed your file, then the network connectivity between you and the server could be really slow. There is nothing much we can do about it.

  2. Why my compressed file are sometimes bigger?

    It is impossible to tell exact output size before compressing a file. Sometime depending on the configuration, PS2PDF might produces larger output files. You can always use Re-edit button to retry it again with different set of options.

  3. Does any one have access to my uploaded files?No, we only keep your file on our servers for maximum of 4-6 hours. All files are completely deleted from servers after that timeframe. You can manually delete your file clicking on the trash can icon on the File Card.
  4. Can I leave the page or close the browser after pressing Compress/Convert button?Yes. Once you start a process, we will keep track of your file and display it on My Downloads page until we delete them from the server. If you return to the My Download page with-in 4 hours of starting the file process, you will be able to access and download those files.